Computers and Library
Greenmount West Community Center provides a digital computer lab and public lending library for all residents
Public Computers
The Computer/Conference room is now open for general use. Take an online class, surf the web for recipes ideas, do your homework, or whatever is needed to expand your mind. No food or drinks are allowed and you must sign in by the hour (during community schedule) and half hour (after school program) to ensure all users have access to the computers within a reasonable time period.
Lending Library
Greenmount West Community Center has a thriving Lending Library with a great assortment of paperback novels, fiction, and non-fiction titles, encyclopedias, self-help books, cookbooks, children’s books and some movies on DVD. The library is on the “honor system’, which means you can borrow up to three items, anytime. Donate books or movies to keep this popular space going. We also like to receive puzzles, board games, and other creative forms of entertainment.